photo by Arden Wray

photo by Arden Wray


Released digitally and on limited edition cassette tape via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings on May 25, 2018. Buy digital here, as well as via iTunes, and stream on Spotify or Apple Music.  Cover art by Jamie Onions.


"L CON (Lisa Conway) has built a reputation as a songwriter and producer who is gleefully unafraid of experimentation, and her latest single finds her in her element." - UPROXX

"Listening to L CON’s  latest single is like dipping into a dystopian saloon, but with less twang than that might imply. It holds within its transcendent melody and guitar patterns, the visual mastery of the Kubrick variety. It’s understated, but it’s heavy; it’s soft, but it presses a weight against the listener, slowly pulling us along a journey that is less an amusement park ride and more the steady climb up a mountain. Using both a variety of organic and synth sounds, the track is haunting and downright beautiful." - Culture Collide

“L CON is the ideal artist to soundtrack such a dynamic; her songs carry an enchanting ambiguity to their emotional weight, and "There Was A Glow" sets the listener adrift while grounding them in L CON's skillful interpretation of the singer/songwriter mode.” - The Fader

"The resulting collection of soul-searching vocals with appropriately moody, symphonic, folk-tinged indie-pop instrumentals lands somewhere between Sóley, Fiona Apple, and My Brightest Diamond." - Tiny Mix Tapes

" a withering and wretchedly gorgeous new cut” - B Sides and Badlands on "The Art of Staying Tough"

“An avant-pop accomplishment from an artist with years of experience under her belt, the album is anchored by the firm assurance of Conway’s vocals, resilient and sure over expansive cosmic melodies.” - A.Side

"L CON utilizes smooth electric guitar solos, alluring percussion, bass lines and more to make the songs catchy, drawing you in before she knocks you off kilter with one of her left field ideas" - Exclaim

“Insecurities in Being is full of intricate arrangements and careful playing, a record whose calm surface belies a flood of ideas racing underneath it.” - NOW Magazine

"A gifted songwriter and powerful singer who embodies the full history of any music that has ever been cool..." - Guelph Mercury

"hushed pop of the highest order" - mp3hugger

"We always feel the weight of anxiety and confusion hanging over us; Conway channels this in a way that only Conway can." - Grayowl Point

"genuine and nuanced songwriting" - Cut From Steel

"a gorgeous minimalist ballad with futuristic instrumentation that you could expect to hear on an alternate planet from some far-off galaxy" - Indie 88