Photo by Jamie Onions

Photo by Jamie Onions

Released digitally and on limited edition 180 gram vinyl via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings on October 7, 2016. Buy vinyl // digital here, as well as via iTunes, and stream on Spotify or Apple Music. A huge thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for making this project possible ! Cover art by Layne Hinton.

Some people said :

"'Form of Space' appears as a folktale delivered from some distant, future colony...The drum machines and sculpted synths locate the transmission's origin to a more advanced star, but its baroque orchestral arrangements and L CON's supple voice tell us it's human — and achingly so." - Chart Attack

"[Conway] conjures such uncompromisingly original and offbeat feminine artistic spirits as Laurie Anderson, Bjork, P.J. Harvey, Beth Gibbons and Roisin Murphy" - Toronto Star

"It's a challenging listen, weighty and far more satisfying as a whole than in parts. But the payoff is an open door to new worlds and ways of thinking.” - Now Magazine

“There are two things that Conway does on Moon Milk that makes it great: (a) she touches on many musical styles but totally owns them all, as if each one was her chosen niche; and, (b) she brings all of these disparates sounds together in one cohesive thematic whole. That latter accomplishment takes real skill, perhaps even near-genious.” - Ride the Tempo

"'Form Of Space,' its latest single, delivers intense, burning horns over a sparse drum machine groove, with an extradimensional sequenced bass bursting in and out of the track. Astonishing stuff." - Silent Shout

"Her music blends orchestral intensity, honeyed tones, and liquid dance beats to create a nebulous swirl of sound." - The Imposter

“This album has all the makings of a classic … music you will want to return to time and time again” - Cut From Steel

“...nostalgia with futuristic experimentation that ultimately feels intimate."  - Indie 88

"A wonderfully spacey record full of synths and psychedelia that stays anchored with some decidedly earthy musical tones" - CBC Music

"...a beautiful, intense and chilling trip through the endless realm of space." - Grayowl Point

"Conway gleans from the folk, pop, psych(e), and experimental genres to capture the expansive and mysterious essence of the celestial sphere." - Label Obscura

 "...["Form of Space" is] a song that is majestic and mind-altering in its delivery and breathtaking, intoxicating, and dreamy in its effect."  - The Revue

"..brilliant and very original... [Conway] has proven herself to be an artist worth following." -The Ontarion

"...une fois la bruitage nerveux des premiers instants de 'The Distance of the Moon' passé, on plonge plutôt dans un minimalisme néofuturiste où la voix de Conway se superpose à une boîte à rythmes puis à une ligne de basse hypnotique." - BRBR

"There is nothing predictable about the tracks on Moon Milk, and that’s part of what makes it such an enjoyable listen." - Grid City Magazine