photo by  Erin Brubacher

A score created solely out of voices, featuring two community choirs, commissioned by choreographer Cara Spooner for her movement work, Chorus. 

Chorus was performed in July 2016 at the FLUX dance festival in London, ON and Art Spin in Toronto at the historic CAMH patient built wall. The piece was commissioned by Art Spin & co-presented by Workman Arts, with support from the Toronto Arts Counciland CAMH Friends of the Archives.

Thank you so much the wonderful singers involved and the people that made our recording sessions possible: Zimfira Poloz, Melanie Tellez, and the awesome Hamilton Children's Choir - Esprimas group; Louise Jarvis for all of her organizing help, and Frank Greaves, Jim Howitt, Carrie James, Theo Jansen, Jean MacLeod, Roy MacLeod, Margot Miller, and Doug Miller, for singing and making the trek to our studio. Thank you to Andrew Collins for engineering our Grey County session.


A participatory performance/installation created and performed by Cara Spooner, featuring compositions by Lisa Conway.

Performances include showings at:

Bad Ass Dance Fun, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (2012)
ArtSpin bicycle lead art-tour, Toronto (July 2012)
Summerworks Theatre Festival, Toronto (Sept 2012)

Footage from first performance:

Body cartography


I composed the full score (roughly 45 minutes) for Body Cartography - a dance work by Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant, in collaboration with Simon Rabyniuk (set design / construction) and Alex Marques (urban theory / set construction).

It was presented at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre's HATCH Emerging Performance Project 2010, and later exhibited as an installation at Ryerson University’s Modernity Unbound symposium, Toronto.

Compositions were created using manipulated field recordings, and sound mapping techniques.

Excerpts can be heard below:


A photo from Ready In Five Minutes, an evening of site-specific work at a coin laundry, Toronto. This piece was created and performed in collaboration with Niomi Cherney.

Heart(less) limit

photo by andrea de keijzer

photo by andrea de keijzer

Full recorded score for heart(less) limit, a dance piece created by Niomi Cherney and performed at the Lower Ossington Theatre, Toronto, in 2009. A phase of millions of violins, reverse, and lo-fi recordings.