Early versions of two tracks from L CON's upcoming LP, Moon Milk, were released independently on a limited run of 7" vinyl on August 7, 2015. You can purchase a digital or physical copy here.



"As L CON, her latest recordings are ethereal, minimalist, experimental, unnerving…and downright elegant" - AUX

"The Distance Of The Moon" is tranquil, but it’s never just that; it’s also haunting, cosmic, meditative, desolate, and even romantic with the outro’s serenading sax solo. If this is a taste of what L CON’s Bandcamp bio calls "traditional moon music," then it’s going to be real interesting to see what the rest of Moon Milk has to offer." - Indie Shuffle

"It's a winner." - Kerry Doole, New Canadian Music

"A work of subtle beauty that makes full use of the vacuum of silence, as though it were another instrument." - Ride the Tempo

"If The Distance of the Moon is any indication of the direction of the album, it will be one that, like its source material, creates a world of its own. Whether it be the cold, robotic percussion of the title song which tracks the alien sounds of a spritely clarinet fitted to an earthier saxophone drift while “Without Colours” is a sparser affair dominated by primordial folk vocals from band member Mary Wood (a.k.a. Warbler)."  - Tom Beedham, Noisey

“The Distance of the Moon” is a slow-burner full of longing, with the slightest tinge of Lynchian darkness. A wonderfully contemplative piece featuring an incredible horn outro, it’s a song one can spend a whole day inside. - Silent Shout

"[The] “Distance of the Moon”... slowly bounds along on a drum machine beat, synth swells and Conway’s echoey vocals — and later a tasty sax solo. On the flip side is “Without Colours,” a beautiful song with half its runtime just consisting of bandmate Mary Margaret Wood’s vocals. The latter half brings in some mournful horns that brings the song into a heavenly realm."  -Michael Thomas, Grayowl Point